How to Get Cheap Van Insurance – 2017 Edition

We’ve been hearing a lot recently about how van drivers are causing havoc on the roads of the UK and getting their vans stolen while watching TV.

Is it really all doom and gloom? It doesn’t have to be, and in fact, if you get cheap van insurance then you might just save yourself a packet.

I’m sure that would put you in a better mood and less likely to go into a rage the next time a cyclist does something annoying.

Firstly, let me just say that insuring your van in 2017 is a requirement by law, and if you don’t get it then you are driving illegally.

This means when you get pulled over by the cops (and it will happen because they have the technology now to catch you) not only will they take your van away, but you will also get a fine and points on your licence.

So we know that you definitely need van insurance, but does that mean the cheapest van insurance is always the way to go? In my opinion, no, because while you might be able to find a really low quote, and there are plenty of those here at CHEAP VAN INSURANCE, it might not always be the best option for your own needs.

For example, if you just get third party van insurance cover, then you are only covered when you do damage to other vehicles on the road. If your own van gets written off or stolen, then you have to pay for it out of your own pocket, which isn’t always ideal.

That is why many van drivers opt for third party, fire and theft insurance, because if their van is damaged by fire or stolen, then at least they have some kind of coverage.

You must understand that although this does cover you for theft of a van, if your tools are stolen then you won’t receive a penny, and as we’ve been hearing a lot about recently, thieves are having a field day when getting into vans quickly and easily to steal tools. It’s all to do with these magic keys that are sold on the internet.

This means that if you do want to be covered for theft of tools then you need to opt for a fully comprehensive van insurance, although be aware that not every policy is the same.

Many times you will have to buy “goods in transit” cover as an extra to be covered for tool theft, so make sure you check that before handing over your cash to the insurance company.

Once you’ve chosen what type of cover to get, then how do you get cheap van insurance and not get left paying full price? Good question…here are a few ideas.

Ask about discounts

One way to get cheap van insurance in 2017 is to speak directly with insurance companies about any discounts that might be available

For example, a no-claims discount is something that is offered a lot, as well as special fleet discount insurance when you you want to cover more than 1 van.

Always tell the truth

I know there are some van drivers out there who might be tempted to lie a bit when trying to get cheap van insurance, and although it might work at first, if you ever need to make a claim then you might find yourself out of pocket.

A good example of this is van drivers who say they park their van in a garage overnight, even though it is parked on the street. You might get a cheaper quote by saying this, but if your van gets stolen then the insurance company will quickly rip up your policy and ignore your calls.

Use a comparison website

There are so many insurers out there in 2017, how do you know that your current provider is offering very cheap van insurance? The simple answer is…you don’t, and that is where a comparison website comes into the picture.

All you need to do is enter your details in the form once, and then all of that information is instantly sent to around 40 different companies. Getting cheap van insurance has never been so easy.

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