Van Driver Takes on Crash for Cash Gang

It is typically cars that are associated with the crash for cash scam, usually these gangs leave van drivers well alone…until now that is.

Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary for the van driver who was no doubt on his way somewhere important, when suddenly and without warning, the car in front slammed on its brakes and caused the van to crash into the back.

There appears to have been another car in front of the one that braked, although that quickly sped off after the incident.

The collision was only at 5mph, but enough to cause a bit of damage. However, the van driver immediately became suspicious about what had just happened.

No doubt the van driver had read about these crash for cash scams before, and how criminal gangs are roaming the country looking for innocent victims.

Well, he wasn’t going to accept the blame here, and instead, decided to confront them about the fact they were trying to pull a fast one. It seems they were in no mood for a showdown, and decided to make a quick exit away from the scene.

Fortunately, he was quick thinking, and got out his phone to take pictures of the men and their car before they got away. Not only that, but he also put in a call to his van insurance company to let them know what just happened.

Long story short…and the 3 guys did try to make a claim against this innocent guys van insurance…but he didn’t just take it and decided to get the Police involved. It quickly became apparent that not all was legit here, and in no time at all the 3 guys were arrested.

It turned out they were part of a criminal gang who had been doing the crash for cash scam all over England, and they might have continued to get away with it if they had just stayed away from van drivers.

Moral of the story…don’t try and scam van drivers. You won’t win, and will probably end up in prison just like these 3 guys have.

That’s right. The 3 people in the car have just been sentenced to 17 months, 15 months and 14 months respectively, which means they will have a bit of time to think about a career change maybe? I doubt it. They will be out and about on the roads again in a few months time.

Anyway, it’s good to see people are beginning to get wise about these crash for cash scams, and if drivers, insurance companies and the Police are willing to work together, I don’t think there is any reason why there can’t be more success stories like this.

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