Thieves use “Magic Keys” to Unlock Vans

Just when you thought van crime couldn’t get anymore unusual, well it did…this time in a place called Stapleford, a town in Nottingham.

So what exactly happened here? It appears that criminals have been purchasing “magic keys” on the internet, which basically are able to unlock certain types of vans, mainly Ford vans I’ve been hearing.

One of the recent victims to these thieves is a Stapleford Roofer, after his van was broken into and tools stolen while parked overnight on New Eatons Road. Drills, impact drivers and saws were taken, with an estimated value of around £1500.

Of course, there was no sign of a break in when he went to his van in the morning, and it was only once he checked in the back did he realise what had gone on. The thieves had simply unlocked the van with the magic keys, and then proceeded to grab as much as they could before disappearing into the night.

Anyone that lives in Stapleford will know this is a common occurrence, but it makes it even more frustrating that van thieves are now able to do it so easily. With most break ins they can be done in seconds, and then off with thousands of pounds worth of equipment.

In situations like this many van owners decide against claiming on their insurance though. Why? Because they lose valuable no claims bonuses, which only serves to make their van insurance more expensive the following year.

For most people, they decide to simply buy some more tools out of their own pocket, sometimes on the second hand market to keep costs low.

If you ask me there needs to be something done about these so called “magic keys” that are being sold on the internet. Very often criminals can get them for under £20.

I’m really not sure what is going on here but it has to stop…the Police and van manufacturers should work together to put an end to this problem once and for all.

Sure, you are never going to stop van break ins completely, but when you make it this easy for a thief to break in to vans then it’s laughable really.

People are having their businesses almost destroyed just because people in authority won’t do anything about these keys being sold on the internet…hopefully that is about to change.

Towns close to Stapleford have also been experiencing a wave of van break ins, with Eastwood being one of the main areas after 10 thefts were reported within 5 days. All of these vans were Ford Transit brands, which means it looks like the internet keys worked their magic for the criminals once again.

A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire Police recently said, “we would like to remind all van owners to remove their tools from their vehicle when it is left unattended overnight.”

I agree. Yes it is a hassle, especially after a long day at work, but when you have criminals going around who can break in to vans within seconds, the only way to stop them is by having nothing in the van to steal. It really is the only way.

Also I would just like to remind everybody to always compare van insurance when it comes time to renew. This can easily save you a few hundred quid, so definitely worth it.

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