Floyd Mayweather has UK Van Insurance

The boxer Floyd Mayweather is currently on a tour of the UK, but he didn’t expect to get his van firebombed by thugs in Birmingham.

Well, that is exactly what happened, where outside of a nightclub one of his TMT branded vans was firebombed which then led to a blaze where firefighters had to be called to the scene.

TMT stands for “The Money Team” if you didn’t know, and is typically a group of people that follow Floyd around.

No doubt they were all enjoying their trip to the UK, and if reports are to be trusted then some of TMT invited a few women from the nightclub back to their van outside and insisted that no boyfriends were allowed.

It appears that some of the boyfriends didn’t like the idea of their women entering the TMT van, and this is when the firebombing took place. Who knows exactly who did this…maybe jealous boyfriends had nothing to do with it? Fortunately, no-one was hurt.

The whole incident got the attention of Floyd Mayweather though, and the next day after moving from Birmingham to Newcastle, the Police decided to give him and the whole of TMT some extra protection.

This leads us to the question…did Floyd Mayweather have UK van insurance? Obviously the guy has made millions from his boxing career, so could easily pay for a new vehicle with the cash in his pocket no doubt, but, it doesn’t matter how rich or famous you are…getting insured is a legal requirement.

Our understanding here at Cheap Van Insurance is that Floyd Mayweather did have the correct insurance for all vehicles that were being used by himself and TMT…they may have even used a comparison website to get the cheapest deal, although those reports are yet to be confirmed.

Many people have probably heard of Floyd Mayweather being mentioned recently in connection with UFC star Conor Mcgregor, with a potential superfight on the table.

If they fight in a boxing ring then Floyd should win quite easily, but it would probably be the biggest PPV of all time, meaning that both guys would make a lot of money.

There are no reports about whether or not Floyd will be meeting with Conor during his tour of the UK, although if he travels to Ireland where Conor lives, then he should be aware he will need to get Irish van insurance to lawfully drive on the roads over there.

Let’s just hope Floyd and TMT get all of their van insurance sorted out, and there are no more incidents while he is here.

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