Car and Van Insurers to Analyse Facebook Posts

In a move that is sure to get attention, Admiral insurance has launched a new scheme to analyse Facebook posts before giving a quote.

We all know how car insurance, and particularly van insurance is getting more expensive in the UK, and that’s why Admiral have decided to try this new technology

Many people will no doubt see it as them trying to spy on their potential customers, but in my opinion this is not what is going to be happening at all.

In fact, I think that most of the time when you look through the posts of a Facebook account then you very quickly get an idea of what that person is like, and more importantly, what kind of personality traits they have.

This is key for car and van insurance, because it’s these personality traits that typically let you know what kind of driver that person is likely to be.

It’s worth noting that initially this is only going to be used with first time drivers, so if someone has just passed their test and wants to get insured on their first car or want a van to start a business.

Now, before thousands of angry people start writing in to Admiral and complaining about this, you must understand that it is going to be completely optional, and will only be done if the person agrees to it when getting a quote.

The main thinking behind this is to actually save drivers money, as it simply gives the insurer more information to work with, that can be used to decide what the quote is going to be.

In other words, if Admiral look at your Facebook posts and decide that you seem like a sensible person who will obey the speed laws, be friendly to your fellow drivers, and treat your car or van with respect, then it’s likely you will be rewarded with a cheap insurance quote.

So what of things will Admiral be looking at exactly? A statement by the company says that Facebook posts that are written with proper grammar and use calender apps to set-up specific times for meetings with family and friends are looked upon as good indicators of a safe driver.

However, if your Facebook posts are over confident and aggressive, with bad spelling and no calendar apps, then expect to be given a more expensive van insurance quote.

At the moment Admiral only plan to use this on Facebook, but they might move to other social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram if it proves to be successful.

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