Delivery Drivers and Self Driving Vans

We all know that self driving vans are the future,but could this mean the end for delivery drivers? The answer is surprising.

One of the main companies at the forefront of self driving technology is Google of course, who recently have been trying out a number of cars at various locations around the USA (including one incident where their car crashed into a bus and they tried to get out of giving their insurance details).

Well, in a move that is sure to get the attention of delivery drivers, news has just emerged that 2 Chrysler Pacifica vans have been spotted at Google headquarters.

Nothing wrong with that you might be thinking, but our insider sources have told the site that these vans are actually part of a new test for self driving vans.

What I know right at this moment is that each of the vans has been fitted with sensors, which means they are almost ready for the road…without a driver.

Could we imagine a day where vans are driving around delivering parcels and other important packages, without the need for anyone at the wheel? Also, let’s not forget that if self driving vans really are the future then van insurance will probably become a lot cheaper.

If you drive a van though don’t get ready to hand in your notice just yet, because in my opinion I think the technology for these self driving vehicles is a long way from becoming something you see on the roads around the UK.

While companies like Google will tell you it is only a few years away, there is a lot of problems that need to be sorted out, as well as proving to the public that self driving vehicles are the real deal.

This is all going to take time, and it could very well be 10 to 15 years from now until we really start to see things change. Even then, it won’t go smoothly at first, and there will be a need for delivery drivers to keep things running along like normal, even though they might not have to do all of the driving.

I have no doubt that well into the future we shall see vans driving around without any drivers at all, but this is still a long way off.

For now though, the delivery driver industry is going to be as strong as ever, and those millions of vans around the UK still need insuring. It only takes a few minutes to get a quote, and you could easily save hundreds of pounds compared to your current policy.

It will be interesting to find out where all of this self driving technology takes us. Right now it is still a bit unclear exactly how far away this is from being the real deal and how it is going to work, but one thing is for sure, with a company such as Google behind it this is something that eventually is going to become mainstream.

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