Van Drivers Confess in Anonymous Survey

We all know that van drivers do some things they shouldn’t now and again, but a new survey by a van insurance company shows exactly what they are up to.

The survey, which was taken anonymously by 2500 van drivers, came up with many interesting (and quite shocking) statistics.

For example, who would have guessed that 95% of those surveyed admitted to regularly breaking the speed limit? At least they are being honest, although it’s not recommended and can get you pulled over by the Police of course.

What else was admitted to in the survey you might be wondering? Interestingly, 73% of van drivers said they don’t use social media while out on the road, while virtually all of the people surveyed denied ever taking a selfie while at the wheel.

Yeah, probably a good idea that you don’t do that. However, the fact that 27% of van drivers are checking their Facebook while driving is a bit worrying.

The survey also showed that 28% of van drivers say they have driven through puddle in order to splash someone walking on the street. If you’ve ever been a victim to one of these soakings then you will probably dislike van drivers after reading that.

Some more statistics:

55% of van drivers don’t wear their seatbelt on a regular basis, especially when they are making short journey’s. Just be aware this is illegal and could result in a fine and points on your license.

70% don’t use indicators when changing lanes. You know, it’s usually a good idea to let other drivers know what you are going to do.

85% admitted to some kind of road rage within the last year, although only rarely did this result in violence. Good to hear that van drivers are not getting out of their vans to get involved in punch ups, but it does seem like overall they need to become a bit calmer.

The van insurance company who conducted the survey commented that they were surprised by the results, although on the whole they regard van drivers as safe on the roads.

“As an insurer of thousands of commercial vehicles every year, we know that the majority of drivers are extremely careful on the roads,” they said.

I agree. Yes it is a bit shocking to hear that 55% of van drivers don’t wear a seatbelt now and again or 95% break the speed limit at times, but in general they are a good bunch who follow the laws of the road most of the time.

To all van drivers out there…just be aware that if you do break the laws of the road and you do get caught, then it could negatively affect the price you get quoted for van insurance.

In order to get the cheapest van insurance possible, and to follow the laws of the road like you should, make sure you always wear your seatbelt, keep to the speed limit, don’t use mobile phones at all, always indicate and keep calm when things don’t go your way.

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