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With costs seeming to be marching inexorably upwards, it can often be quite shocking when it comes time to renew your commercial van insurance cover, but industry experts say that if you take the time to compare van insurance quotes through the use of a comparison website, you can make some significant savings.

There are many advantages to using a comparison site in order to provide you with several quotes at once.  One of the best reasons to do so is that you will be saving time in addition to possibly saving money, as no longer do you need to go through a sea of insurers to find the best quote, putting your personal details in time after time on their websites, and instead only have to do it once before being furnished several quotes.

Even better still is that shopping around will most likely result in you finding a much more affordable price quote than you’re currently paying.  Insurers almost exclusively reserve their best deals for new customers in order to remain competitive, which means that sticking with your current insurance provider is quite often not the most cost-effective option – and that your loyalty is most likely going unrewarded.

If you’re going to be using a comparison site, industry experts say that you do need to keep a few important things in mind.  Many times the least expensive quote is not the best option, as each insurer offers different features with their ‘comprehensive’ cover.

If you’re going to need breakdown cover or the ability to get a replacement vehicle without paying out of pocket, you should make sure to select an insurer that will offer these things to you.  Likewise make sure that you’re not selecting a voluntary excess that would be too expensive to actually pay if you do find yourself in an accident in order to avoid the up-front savings becoming a false economy down the road.

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