Van drivers look to reduce costs across the UK

Cheap van insurance experts say that van drivers across the length and breadth of the UK are in search of the best ways to reduce their operating costs, with many of these drivers looking to compare van insurance in an effort to find the most affordable rates.

Commercial van insurance policy holders are much like their counterparts with cover for their personal cars – cutting back on day-to-day outgoings is usually in the forefront of their mind, especially since petrol prices continue their inexorable climb skyward.  The first week of this month saw many people panic buying fuel due to fears of a tanker worker strike, leading oil firms to raise their prices in order to capitalise on the high levels of demand, leaving many drivers scrambling to find the best way to cut their motoring costs.

While customers have little to no control over the price of petrol, industry experts say that you can switch insurance providers if you’re looking for a way to save money.  Insurers remain competitive, and many will offer their best rates in order to entice new customers, but this results in loyal motorists getting the short end of the stick at renewal time; if you’ve recently received your renewal paperwork in the post and are disgusted at your new annual insurance premium, waste no time in looking for an alternative provider, experts say.

There are other ways to offset the cost of fuel for van drivers in addition to selecting a more affordable insurer.  Experts say that you should check your tyre pressure regularly, as driving with tyres that are low can reduce your van’s fuel efficiency.

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