Buy new over used, experts say, to save on motoring costs

With car insurance rates and fuel prices going through the roof, industry experts have urged van owners to purchase new vehicles instead of used ones to save on motoring costs.

According to the newest emissions report from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, newly-made vehicles are 18 per cent more fuel efficient than the average used vehicle, leading to less money spent at the pump and more available to buy van insurance.  This spells even more good news for drivers looking to replace their personal or commercial vehicles, especially since the new Plug-In Car Van Grant from the government has been offering discounts to businesses and drivers that plan to purchase lower emission vehicles in order to reduce carbon emissions in the UK.

The report discovered that nearly 47 per cent of new vehicles are currently meeting or exceeding the 130g/km CO2 emissions target set in place by the European Union for 2015. ┬áThe group has thus urged consumers to purchase new cars over used ones, with the SMMT’s chief executive, Paul Everitt, stating that the motor industry in the UK has been realising its responsibilities to reduce carbon emissions, and the opportunities this brings to the overall motoring industry in the form of increased fuel efficiency will benefit the country economically as well as environmentally, as drivers will have more cash left over to spend on other things, such as household bills or even possibly a night out, instead of having to fill their petrol tanks more often.

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