Van drivers stretched to limit by monthly running costs

Van drivers and van insurance policy holders have been stretched to the absolute limit lately by monthly running costs with diesel prices at record high and the price of a litre of petrol rising higher than 140p.

Many van drivers have tried to make savings wherever they can, leading some to attempt to offset the costs of fuel by looking for cheap van insurance quotes.  Many have attempted to compare van insurance by using comparison sites in order to find some respite, especially since diesel is now 146.72p a litre, a record high, and petrol has risen to 140.2p, with industry insiders stating that these price increases are unlikely to abate any time soon.

One industry expert and an insurance partnerships director for a major comparison site, David Jackson, commented on the fuel increases, stating that there may be little that drivers can do to actually save money on fuel.  However, there are many other ways that have the potential for reducing overall driving costs and that could act to offset the increases in fuel prices, such as using a comparison site in order to find the best dealss.

Mr Jackson said that taking the time to compare rates could lead to discovering a less expensive alternative to insurance cover.  Switching providers could lead to substantial savings, which would leave more cash left over to pay at the pump with less angst and terror.

Most comparison sites specialise in much more than just van insurance, offering their customers a simplified and quick way to find the best deal on several financial products.  Many of these websites can also offer comparisons for utilities for the household, such as digital TV, broadband, phone, gas, and electricity as well.

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