Van insurer offers advice on saving money at the pump

A provider of cheap van insurance quotes has recently come forward with ways to save when it comes to the petrol pump, as professional drivers have been feeling frustrated and angry with the new Budget announcement that fuel costs are going to go up this August by around 3p per litre.

The budget van insurance provider has been looking into the petrol price problem in order to offer its customers ways to keep their operating costs down in an economic environment that makes every last pound and penny count.  One of the best ways to do this, the insurer says, is to choose the right sized van for your needs, as choosing one that is larger than you could possibly need will result in needlessly wasting fuel by carrying around all that unnecessary weight – as fully loaded but smaller vans are much less expensive to run than a large van that’s always half empty.

The insurer also added that if you plan ahead and ensure that you only keep what you need with you in the van on any given day, you will spend less money on fuel as you would otherwise.  If you only need something on Thursday, don’t put it in the van on Monday, especially if it’s a particularly heavy load – you’re just weighing down your van without reason, which leads to an unnecessarily high level of fuel consumption, the van insurance expert warned.

Finally, you should keep checking your tyre pressure on a regular basis, as experts say underinflated tyres can not only wear faster than properly inflated ones but can also contribute to your fuel costs by as much as 3 per cent.

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