Bridgestone using C V Show to highlight industry projections

One of the most overlooked aspects of safe driving is ensuring that your tyres do what they’re supposed to, whether it’s wet, dry or on several inches of packed snow. At the forefront of tyre technology for many years has been Bridgestone, whose innovative research has helped domestic, commercial and championship vehicles drive safely, in all manner of instances.

Last month, we highlighted their road-testing of its low rolling resistance tyres due for launch next year that will help cut down fuel consumption and deliver cheaper van insurance through improved efficiency and safer handling.

All of this will be evident at the C V Show towards the end of April as Bridgestone have a huge display planned for the event running between the 24th and 26th, inclusive at the NEC in Birmingham. But rather than just plug their own products, the tyre giants will use the opportunity to highlight myriad other developments in the commercial vehicle industry. Granted, that ‘other news’ will probably tie in with their tyres at some point further along the line but it is a window for fleet managers to look through to see what they can expect over the next year, or so.

Bridgestone will use their stand to run daily seminars at no cost whatsoever to visitors, intended to incorporate all of the values that they foresee helping fleet managers control costs over the next 12-18 months, according to John Follis, their Sales and Marketing chief.

With one eye looking over our shoulder just to make sure that pesky recession is not sneaking up on us, the other eye will be firmly on balancing the books for industry of all types, coming out of the back end of 2013 in no worse state than they are at the minute the major priority. Bridgestone want to express what options are available for fleet managers to help keep their running costs down to a minimum and where their company fits into that jigsaw. A laudable effort, indeed.

As well as cheap van insurance being a crucial part of keeping down fleet costs, Bridgestone have an agenda of seminars that are not only insightful, but practicable, too. These sessions will be part presentation, part debate and with a spice of advice thrown in, for good measure, covering such topics as wheel security, fuel efficiency, tyre maintenance and Truck Point, which covers fleet requirements; all points will be targeting the tyre manufacturer’s role within them, of course, and it will also be displaying its diverse range of retreads.

For more information or to book your tickets, go to the C V Show online.

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