Freight Sector on target to reach 2015 emission levels

The UK’s freight haulage industry has well and truly accepted the gauntlet, by all accounts, as it strives to reduce CO2 emission levels by eight percent in the next four years. Following publication of the second yearly analysis report, the sector are bang on target to achieve their aim showing a 2.6% reduction after the two years to date, with almost four full years remaining until the end of 2015, when the figure has to be realised.

It is imperative that haulage companies do not rest on these laurels and that the reduction retains impetus, which it shows signs of doing as more and more industries of all sizes pledge their support to reducing emission levels.

As more businesses address their own fleets of van, box vans and larger commercial vehicles’ carbon footprints they are realising that steps in this direction not only help save the environment but can actually help towards their own ongoing cost savings. Van insurance brokers are re-evaluating their approaches to fleet cover, often offering cheaper alternatives if you’re showing your business is capable of turning the green corner. Initial indications are that the cleaner the emissions are the more efficient the components under the hood have to be to deliver. Therefore there is less opportunity of off-road time in garages for reparation and engine failure whilst on the road leadning to less breakdown time and a reduced propensity for accidents derived from component malfunction.

Not only that, but more efficient engines are leading to smaller cubic capacity requirements as demonstrated by the new Transit which, for its leaner, greener range it has dropped the option of 2.4l, now offering a 2.2l version only. It goes without saying that the smaller the engine the greater the opportunity of finding a cheap van insurance quote online.

This sentiment was backed up by Simon Chapman, chief economist of the Freight Transport Association. He commented that, as SMEs from the haulage sector improve their output through the technology on offer and better planning, they are discovering these cost savings in other areas of their business.

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