When you want cheap van insurance that’s all you want

In the UK, we take it for granted that we have some of the best van insurance firms in the world at our fingertips, but we hardly ever use them to the best of our – and their online – ability.

Taking the time to build a website that can literally answer everything you need to know about UK van insurance is one thing; however, does an all-singing, all-dancing van insurance website, no matter how cheap you promise to find the customer’s renewal quote, matter a tap if the only mouse the customer has encountered this year was the one trying to nick the bacon sarnie from its home inside the drainage pipe or the only site they’ve visited is covered in rubble, packs of bricks and pallets of readymix?

How much new van insurance business are Internet firms missing out on because their sites try to include everything and customers just get too confused by the amount of information being asked for? People of all generations, but more so those in the latter years of life (where the hidden wealth of the country is) are genuinely scared of the Internet.

If ‘Bill’, whose accumulated a modest amount as a tool maker over the years but still has fifteen years of work left in him, needs his new van insurance and thinks – I know, this time I’ll try t’Internet, how far is he going to go when faced with such required* fields as ‘e-mail address’* and ‘mobie phone’* information?

Great, we understand that firms, especially online ones that do not have the opportunity to build up a face-to-face relationship with their clients, have marketing needs and everyone knows that you grow your business through your existing customer base rather than attract new ones; well, good job on the latter, boys, with this level of intrusive information before ‘Bill’ even gets through to the van insurance quote screen (that’s, of course, assuming that he has both mobile* and e-mail accounts*, otherwise he’s stuffed for using the online van insurance facility), you’ve done your job, there – new custom vanished before they were a real prospect.

The other concern, of course, with asking for this level of information is: who’s it going to be sold to? Okay, your organisation may not be into that (good), but fly-by-nights who are handy with an i-frame and can knock up a comparison website whilst they sleep, build in the right SEO tactics and have their site on top of Google double quick only need be there for a couple of weeks before they have a mailing list worth gold to the right bidder. Ok, the older generation maybe don’t know the under the hood stuff but they do know they are called seven times a day by people trying to sell everything from awnings to solar panels and those people get their details from ‘somewhere’.

Your site may have the best information about van insurance online, have the best scripts and even offer the very cheapest van insurance that this customer could have got hold of, but is all of that information really necessary to be ‘captured’ at this point, killing off a potential sale in the hope of an upsell or renewal? Some sites even have the audacity to say ‘if you find cheaper, ring us and we’ll beat your quote’ – after promising to compare 70 top van insurance providers. Well what’s the point of having the van insurance comparison site in the first place?

All ‘Bill’ wanted was a cheap van insurance renewal quote, or is that too much to ask?  To get a quote in 3 minutes, visit our cheap van insurance comparison facility, without the hassle.

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