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Van insurance ancillary products are, in a nutshell, the insurable exclusions on a broker’s base policy document. Not all trades were born equal and, as highlighted in “Exclusions and Ancillaries – what do I need?” there are circumstances that you can take out van insurance against but aren’t necessarily appropriate for your business, for example a florist from Wolverhampton is hardly ever going to use a Green Card which would cover them for travel on European roads.

All brokers and their base van insurance policies are different; some may include one or more of the aspects covered in the following half a dozen articles (tag: #vancillary) in their base policy; the following explanations are generalised and not specific to any one van insurance policy and, in order that you do not pay twice, always check the small print before you proceed to checkout.

Legal Expense van cover is critical insurance for your livelihood if you are a sole trader, but is in no way limited to that aspect of business.

If you are involved in an accident that’s not your fault, providing that the other driver is insured, the cost for any repairs to your van – and possibly you – will be met as you are the ‘third party‘, which they will have as minimum van insurance cover to drive on UK roads.

What their policy will not cover is the cost of your vehicle-hire expense whilst yours is off-road and certainly won’t cover you for any loss of earnings, especially if you are injured as a result of the collision. Taking out Legal Cover as an ancillary to your base product will ensure you’re covered in this eventuality.

In addition, some Legal Cover will also cater for your recovery in a private health care system, so you are guaranteed bespoke treatment helping you get back to work at your soonest probability.

And finally, in order to get all of these expenses back in the swiftest possible time, most Legal Cover ancillaries will grant you a generous amount of legal representation if the claim has to go to court. This can vary, but, from other sites I’ve checked manually, this is up to £100,000 per claim.

To see how much bolting on Legal Cover to one of our cheap van insurance quotes would cost, compare up to 60 policies using our online form to save a packet in minutes.

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