Getting the most out of online van insurance quotes

Whether you’re approaching an insurance company direct or going through a high street or online van insurance comparison site (a broker for cyberspace), it is essential to be prepared with all of the relevant information beforehand in order to prepare a swift and timely van insurance quote.

Some of the aspects are blindingly obvious but other pieces of information, which may help in your quest for cheap van insurance, you may not have considered beforehand. These simple yet effect methods of reducing your van insurance premium will have you kicking yourself that you’ve never thought about them before but, in order to put money back into your pocket and not fund the broker’s ball next Christmas, here’s a brief overview of some of the less obvious aspects you may be asked to submit when applying for commercial vehicle insurance online.

Named drivers is one way of reducing your household vehicle insurance policy. You may not see the benefits on the actual policy you’re applying for itself because of the extra premium stake, but the inclusion of someone on the policy who either lives with you or works for your company has ‘bigger picture’ benefits.

This is especially true if your own driving record is not so pristine; by including someone who has got a clean license works two ways. Firstly, even if they have no intention of driving full time, just the odd run here and there at month end when you’re tying up the invoices, providing they stay out of harms way, they will increasing their no claims bonus. If, on the other hand, by including someone else on your van insurance policy means you can ditch the use of another vehicle or sell it all together, you are not only cutting down on two fuel bills and double tax, but are putting money back into the kitty from the sale of the other vehicle which should more than adequately pay for any extra premium for including them on the base van insurance policy. So have their details to hand before proceeding to fill out the online form.

You may even be getting ahead of the game and researching van insurance prior to purchasing the vehicle you’re looking to insure. At this stage, if you have one or two options of vehicle that will suffice your business needs, look firstly to acquire a van insurance quote for the make of vehicle with the smaller capacity engine. If your business does not require a large cubic capacity under the hood to carry the burden of heavy payloads, you will be surprised by how much the van insurance quote cheapens by reducing the engine size. The additional bonus here is that, over the same mileage and under the same conditions, a smaller capacity engine will be more fuel-efficient than its greedier gas-guzzling cousin.

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