Peugeot city van makes big Bipper on fleet radar

‘City Van of the Year’ – just the title would make you feel proud if it was your name extracted from the golden envelope at the awards ceremony incorporating this highly-sought accolade. And this is exactly how Team Peugeot must feel as, in the press following the Fleet Van award, it was as much the overall package that was acknowledged as the Bipper light commercial vehicle itself for the winners of the 2011 award.

It has been described by some as the ultimate city LCV. As well as fantastic after sales, the French company has reinvigorated its fleet sales drive.

The dash is no-nonsense, accessible and durable. It’s load capacity is an impressive two and a half metres cubed (2.5m3) and can carry almost two thirds of a ton (660kg payload).

Although not suited to heavy industry, its compact size is versatile and manoeuvrable – two key ingredients that will help you attain cheap van insurance, compared to larger vans on the market for a similar purpose.

There are in essence three power modes for the van on the market in the UK. The award-winning diesel HDi comes with a 73bph engine; the petrol version, also 1.4l cc, delivers 68bph and for those conscious of their carbon footprint or have concerns of driving the ultimate city, London, and being punished for not meeting Euro III legislation in the LEZ come January, there is also an EV version. Its green status is a cause of envy across the van-manufacturing world.

Not to be outdone by the competition, Peugeot has released the light commercial vehicle with electric power not only because of the market forecast that we will see up to ten percent of all vehicles on UK roads powered thus within the next five years but also due to the unequivocal value it can deliver to UK business in this format, whilst we all still have at least one eye on our bottom line.

On the market for a very similar price to the Renault Kangoo, it is not just the initial cost where the sole trader or fleet van buyer will save, but in the economy that the van delivers afterwards. Here are the key factors that may tempt you to try this van verts:

• Powered by regular 13amp socket
• In relation to liquid fuel, it drives 270mpg
• One full charge (50p) will take you 27-28 miles and back (almost to the Carrefort duty free through the chunnel, top up half a ton of beer, and then back home in time for tea!)
• That’s just under 1p per mile

Why not take a test drive on the not-so-big Bipper and try our facility to see if you cannot find very cheap van insurance to help keep all of your van costs to a minimum?

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