License Link – a different type of driver surveilance

How often have you had to wait until your admin staff has had time to check out the details of a new driver you may wish to employ before you can send off the necessary job offer? You may have necessary checks to do to complete your own assessment risks, such as: do they have any convictions or is their license clean as they claim; if not, how is that going to affect your fleet van insurance policy, especially if they have been convicted of a serious driving offence?

Well now that can all change, in a flash. Drivers have to give a potential employer the authority to check out their license information. Now, if you want to employ a driver there and then, the mandate form is filled in with the driver information pre-loaded onto a form on the DVLA site – all that needs to be done is to check the details online, print off the form and get the driver to sign it and you have the necessary documentation to add to your employee file and to present to your van insurance provider to get him covered immediately.

The system is tagged License Link and not only does it provide a point of confirmation at interview and appointment, but it can also provide an ongoing status report for the employee once you register them as working under your employ.

This is a further step along the road to overall fleet management, another aspect that scores highly when looking for cheap van insurance. It shows to your insurance provider that you are serious about the responsibilities undertaken by running a fleet, like investing in vehicle tracking and immobilisers.

License Link is designed to be very user-friendly and easy to adopt to run alongside any existing fleet management system that an organisation has in place. Once a driver is registered on the DVLA system, they can then form part of a risk report which can be delivered at a frequency controlled by the organisation and set to criteria appropriate to the individual needs of the company.

For example, if you are completely trusting of your drivers, a once a year summary may be all that you require. If, however, one or more of your drivers has accumulated points and you feel the need to regulate them more closely, you can assign them a higher risk category and have that report sent more regularly. Additionally, if there are significant changes to a drivers license, such as being qualified to drive greater capacity vehicles or if they are disqualified between check-ups, you will be notified automatically.

This way, you are always on top of the information required to ensure your entire fleet has the adequate levels of van insurance necessary. To stay on top of your van insurance costs, compare your quotes online now at

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