Meet the Green Drivers Enjoying Van Life

A pair of mates from Southend are currently living their best lives in a van. Now, they’re encouraging you to do the same. 

If you’re a user of Instagram, you may already be aware of the van-loving Southend duo. Their page “themtbvanlife” has amassed nearly 13 and a half followers (as of this moment). Their purpose is to try to inspire people to go on adventures with minimal items — for example, just their van and electric bikes. 

They are also setting a good example. Their van has been modified to include solar panels, making it easier to get their e-bikes charged, and the van to run more efficiently. You gotta love it when we’re kinder to the planet, don’t ya?

The men, who are in their late twenties, work in the IT sector. Since converting the van to be a good runner, and a decent place to live in as they travel, they have travelled all over the UK and even into Europe (mainland). 

Their main goal, however, is not to encourage the use of a vehicle (unless you’re as green as can be), but to use e-bikes to explore once you’re in your desired destination. Sensible, we think, especially as the bikes continue to be charged in the super van.

Being off-grid is what appeals to the lads: Sam Rook and Luke Dokic. And they seem to be doing it very well, as their Instagram following suggests. What do you reckon? Could you go off-grid with just a van and bike as a means for travel? Then again, if you compare the environmental impact of a plane to this, it’s probably much better.

Susan from next door doesn’t think she could do it. But then she does have her budgies to think about. But if you feel like this is certainly something you could consider, then we would highly recommend you follow the boys’ feed. Lots of pleasing van stuff, too. 

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