Unruly Van Drivers Give Us a Bad Name

Stop. Please, stop. You know who you are. 

This week, we’ve heard of quite a few instances that have been rather… Well, out of the ordinary. Let’s start off with one that’s perhaps slightly more light-hearted.

Asda Delivery Driver Down in the Dumps

Yet another viral video has been doing the rounds across the internet involving an unfortunate van driver. 

This time, it isn’t in favour of the delivery driver either, unlike this lucky fella.

Let’s cut to the chase. When we’re referring to ‘dumps’, we mean a very certain kind. Try it as a verb, and in the colloquial sense. Yep, it’s true. 

This unlucky delivery driver for Asda was caught doing his business (a number 2, to be precise) OUTSIDE A CUSTOMER’S HOME. No, we’re not kidding. He even had a handy roll of toilet paper sat on the front seat of his van. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Does he make a habit out of this? We truly hope not.

Although he thinks he may have got away with it, the poor driver was unaware he’d been filmed by the customer. And so, he went viral across various social media channels. Asda picked up on it, of course, and is now trying to locate the driver. 

Be honest. Is it you?

Bolting from the Police in Bolton

Look, if you fancy yourself as one of the drivers in the Fast and Furious, it’s best to hire out a car and take it to a track. What we don’t recommend, is using your van to try to run from the police, of all people. 

This bold driver from Bolton tried to get away from the police and ignored all signs to stop. We don’t think that’s what the manufacturers had in mind when they made Ford Transit Vans, mate. No wonder he got caught.

Naturally, the van driver has been fined and had points added to his licence. Next time, we recommend just renewing your licence, and perhaps you won’t be stopped. So, let’s not go getting any ideas, yeah?

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