It’s happening. Driverless Vans are here…

So, we all knew it was coming, as more and more electric vans are on the horizon for production, autonomous vans are also hitting the headlines.

But did you think driverless delivery vans would be here this quickly?

What’s the latest on all this about driverless vans?!

Without a driver at the wheel (I don’t think we can say that enough, as we’re in disbelief), an electric van from Arrival has successfully made a journey to a parcel depot. The demonstration took place last week, and after the company announced a partnership with Uber in the US, we’re telling you now, friends. The future looks green.

Of course, further testing of the van on roads is required now, but after this successful event, we’re certain it won’t be long before that happens. 

Who is Arrival?

  • Arrival is a company that is focused on making transport zero emissions, so you’ll probably hear their name floating about a lot in the future.
  • If you’re interested in watching the video from Arrival, you can click the link here. It shows you everything you need to know about Robopilot, and more.

Can we really be surprised that vans are delivering goods without drivers in this day and age?

If you’re local to Milton Keynes, or have been there recently, you may have seen robots going about their business.

These little delivery carriers brought food to the large town of MK, especially during the height of the pandemic. And they’re still there. So, for some of you, this may not surprise you at all.

Read more about the tiny Milton Keynes robots here.

So, what’s next? Robots cooking our dinner?

Perhaps. There’s plenty of tongues wagging about the future of many motors being autonomous. Some say this is to cut down on the number of human lives lost to major accidents and traffic incidents. Others say it’s an abomination. 

What’s your take on it? We can only imagine it’s all a bit terrifying, to be honest. Let us know your thoughts.

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