How Branding Can Affect Your Van Insurance

Sigh. The things we need to declare on our vehicle’s insurance, eh?

Goss, that’s hot off the press. The simple act of advertising your company — for example, placing a sticker of your logo or something to do with your brand — can actually affect your van’s insurance policy.

Now, this is simply a warning. Every van insurance provider will work to their own rules and policies, but a leading van insurance provider has spilled the beans on how simple branding could nullify your insurance.

So, whether you’re advertising your building company, painting and decorating services, or dog hair cutting salon… Please be aware, treasured van drivers. 

How might my van insurance be declared void?

For some providers, it is necessary to declare any way in which you might be advertising your brand or company. This is because it can be seen as a modification to your van. That’s right. Signage on your van can be seen as modifying your van. It’s not like you’ve got new alloys or painted a Formula 1 flag on your bonnet, but…

Look, we’re shaking our heads, too.

Another reason this could result in your van insurance being void, or rates being higher, is because thieves exist. Unfortunately, those dastardly buggers are a direct link here. 

Let’s use an example: you work for a tree surgeon company, and you have a branded sticker on the side of your van. The smarter thieves out there will see this as an opportunity. They’ll saunter up to your van, assuming you have valuable tools hidden in there somewhere, and break in. Okay, they probably won’t saunter, but you get our point. 

Let’s add the fact that stickers, or whatever you use as an adhesive on your van, could potentially cause damage to the paintwork. Or, require more monies if, heaven forbid, you were in an accident, for example. Yet another reason for van insurance providers to scowl at you.

With the recent rise in van sales due to a shortage of drivers, it’s best to declare everything. This ensures you’re getting the best deal for your van insurance. It’s also something we’re proud to be able to help with. Fill in your details here, and see what we can do for you!

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