Meet the Busker Who Converted His Peugeot Expert Van

Have you ever considered converting your van? Throughout the pandemic, there have been a number of people with similar ideas of converting humble vans into top-of-the-range camper vans. You may have seen a growing trend, especially in areas like Australia and New Zealand. In the UK, when you consider how many of us have been stuck indoors for so long, you might find the appeal to be out on the road growing stronger every day.

Every now and again, we’ll hear tales of rowdy van drivers gone wild, or on the other side of the spectrum, vegan van drivers who are going green. This time, read on to hear the lovely tale of a modest busker from Grimsby in Lincolnshire.

For Josh Robins, a 27-year-old musician who now lives in Cambridge, the ongoing pandemic and multiple lockdowns saw him revert to his busking roots. Like many industries, Covid-19 brought the arts and entertainment sector to a halt. So, with venues shut down and performances cancelled, Josh found that his band ‘The Mardlers’ wouldn’t be able to do very much. Instead, he opted to travel around the UK, passionately busking along the way, as he had done for the past 10 years.

Josh had previously used his trusty van when out and about gigging before the pandemic hit the UK. So, why not put it to use? However, this wasn’t a premium conversion — in fact, it’s far from it. With a bed in the back, he cooked meals on a small hob at the front of the van. He also confessed he missed the use of a toilet he could have permanent access to. Be that as it may, Josh found he had more time to dedicate to writing music, instead of falling for distractions such as Netflix.

When it comes down to it, Josh used the essentials to travel around the UK and do what he loves. What we really appreciate is the fact that he did it all using a Peugeot Expert van. Could you do it? Whether you’re thinking about making your musician/busking dreams true or not, there’s one area in which we can help with. If you’re travelling the UK in a van — converted or not — you’re still going to need the cheapest van insurance quotes around.

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