Transit Drivers, Get Ready for Smart Mirrors

Blind spots. They’re hard enough to deal with when you’re in a car, but for those you behind the wheel in a van, they’re even more difficult. You could say they require a sense of caution that’s so heightened, it could border on OCD. Okay, there’s some exaggeration there, but we’re sure you can relate to the fear of not knowing whether a cyclist or pedestrian is super close to your van. Or even if there’s another vehicle edging up behind you.

Well, never fear, cautious reader, for Ford has the answer to your prayers… If you own a Ford van, of course. In particular, a Ford Transit (or Transit Custom) van. Get ready to be introduced to the revolutionary Smart Mirror; Ford’s latest creation allows van drivers to see through the rear door.

The Smart Mirror is placed where you would normally have your rearview mirror. This means it matters not if your Transit van has opaque doors, is windowless at the rear, or even if things are in the way of any windows. A camera (positioned on the rear of the van) helps present a live stream of what’s trailing along behind the van. 

But wait. There’s more. Brightness is also controlled automatically meaning you won’t have to worry about not being able to see anything at night — or even during the day if the sun is particularly bright.

We’re still not finished. Not only will the device allow van drivers to be more cautious of potentially vulnerable walkers, cyclists or motors, but the usual view you’d normally see through your rearview mirror is twice the size when using a Smart Mirror. The level of caution will have no limits. 

No wonderful contraption will ever come cheap. So, if you’re interested in purchasing one of these handy Smart Mirrors for your Transit Van, then be prepared to be set back around a mighty £675.

Let’s start saving now, eh? Good thing that’s one thing we can help you with. Save on your van insurance costs with us here, and perhaps you can use the rest of your savings on a brand-new sparkling Smart Mirror.

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