Chief Executive of DPD Waves Goodbye

As a result of the demand and increase of e-commerce, DPD has grown significantly — and fast — in the UK. If you’re one of the van drivers working for DPD, you may be surprised to learn the latest news leaked about the delivery firm.

This week, the CEO of the leading delivery firm, Dwain McDonald, has allegedly been let go. With immediate effect, his temporary successor is Yves Delmas, whilst they hunt for a new and permanent replacement.

Based on the findings of an internal investigation, the chief executive Dwain McDonald of DPD was supposedly sacked due to “personal conduct reasons”. Holding the chief executive position since May 2008, many of DPD’s staff were shocked to hear of the unexpected news about Mr McDonald. They were emailed by Yves Delmas with no other information, other than being told that McDonald would be leaving DPD with immediate effect.

Dwain McDonald hasn’t had it too shabby with a tidy annual salary of 1 million pounds, but he has been loyal to the company for a long time. Back when DPD was named Parceline, McDonald began his career within the delivery industry as a sales executive when he was only aged 22. 

In 2018, an unfortunate recording of Dwain McDonald was leaked, where he was delivering a presentation and admitted to violating the law. Using his mobile phone to take a photograph of a DPD delivery van, McDonald boasted he took the picture as he was driving down a motorway.

There was an influx of Brits applying for delivery driver roles during lockdown, as many people were driven out of their jobs or made redundant, thanks to Covid-19. Due to demand, DPD promised to hire an additional 6,000 delivery drivers, due to a surge of people being forced to shop online.

If you’re a delivery driver for DPD, did you know you’re a part of one of the dominant delivery companies in Europe? As one of the delivery leaders in the UK, DPD operates from a whopping 68 locations, delivering more than 250 million packages per year for a plethora of retail giants. DPD uses over 8,000 delivery vehicles, so is your van one of the 8,000 needing cheaper van insurance? Look no further. You’re in the right place.

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