Courier? You may need special insurance

If you’re working as a man (or woman, obviously) with van as a courier, we hope you’ve got the right insurance. Some, pushed into a new courier career, thanks to Covid, may not be aware that it’s more than standard van insurance that is required.

Couriers can’t just make do with van insurance and hope for the best. If your van gets broken into or stolen, you need to be pretty certain that the cost of whatever you have inside is covered, or you could find yourself in a sticky situation.

Not only that, as couriers are also in contact with member of the public for work, anyone working as a delivery driver needs to have public liability insurance to make sure that they are fully protected.

Most van insurance companies offer specialist courier insurance policies, regardless of what type of vehicle you are using to make your deliveries. These are often more expensive than regular car or van insurance, not only because of the cost of the goods you are transporting, but also because you are likely to be on the road for longer than even tradespeople and other van drivers who work regular hours. The more time you spend on the road, the greater the risk of an accident, the harder you are hit in the pocket, just in case.

Just like regular car or van insurance, you can have third-party insurance cover, their party fire and theft, or comprehensive, which is always the best option to ensure you are fully covered. Goods in transit insurance is also needed to protect the cost of any goods that may be lost or damaged in transit and in case your van or its contents are stolen, either while your van is parked at home or when you are out on your deliveries. 

As with all other van insurance, the longer you have been driving, the better security that your van has fitted, and the fewest motoring convictions can all help to keep the cost of your courier van insurance down. Use our free quote tool to ensure you are getting the best deal on your van insurance. We may be over the snow, but accidents and thefts can happen any time, so it’s always best to stay safe. 

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