BBC Biased Against Van Drivers?

So, as another lockdown comes into full force, and the weight of the online shopping world rests on the shoulders of your trusty van delivery drivers, while the builders and brickies keep on keeping on, in news that may surprise absolutely none of you, it seems the BBC has found itself in a little hot water this week, as a result of their bias against car and van drivers. 

The cycle-friendly broadcaster has been accused this week by lobby group Fair Fuel UK of an anti-car and van bias, choosing to often portray the humble motorist as a cause of problems and woes, by a station that is, in the words of Fair Fuel ‘biased in favour of the well-financed green environmental position.’

Having gone from a historical position of always being the voice of neutrality, the BBC finds itself under increasing attack for biased opinions and viewpoints that are ever increasingly out of step from the average man (or woman) on the street (or in their van). The Beeb seem, in particular, to have it in for diesel drivers, despite many of us being unable to afford to replace our vehicles or switch to newer, electric vehicles. Not everyone is on a state-funded BBC salary, after all. 

The reality is of course that not everyone can get around by bike and the travesty of the unused cycle lanes that magically appeared (and disappeared) during the last lockdown is testament to that, especially now, in the middle of winter when snow and ice is already causing chaos up and down the country, with yet more to come in the weeks ahead. 

We appreciate everything those guys at Fair Fuel UK do and here they are again, standing up for yet another example of the nonsense the British van drivers have to contend with, while continuing to keep this country moving, come rain or shine. And never let it be said that we too, aren’t doing our best for you too. It may just be a news story to brighten your week, or saving a packet on your next van insurance renewal, but sometimes, every little thing helps.

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