Pay as You Drive?

As if the news isn’t bad enough right now, with no end to lockdown any time soon and more misery through to the new year if the news is to be believed.

And now news reaches us here at Cheap Van Insurance that the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is considering adding a levy to drivers to plug the £40 million-pound gap in the economy. 

How is he planning to do this? By charging drivers to use the roads. 

Isn’t that what road tax is for?

Apparently not. The deficit in the government coffers comes from the switch to electric vehicles, which we have all been encouraged to make, with grants and discounts for those who have already made the switch. The government is planning to ban the sale of petrol, cars earlier than planned, now with a rumoured end date of 2030, just 9 years from now. 

And of course, there is also a darker side to this. If it wasn’t bad enough already, consider how they will charge per distance travelled? That’s right, enforced black boxes in all of our vehicles to track where we are going and what we are doing. It’s a dystopian future that none of us really want to contemplate, but may soon be coming to a vehicle near you.

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