It’s that time of year…

No, not when Britain locks down again, although it is starting to seem like an endless hamster wheel of doom and gloom. Hopefully for many of you, life will go on and work will continue and you won’t be putting in extra hours as a result of the new lockdown.

But it is the time of year when the days are shorter and winter driving comes into play. So, it’s a smart move to keep on top of what’s going on with your van, and doing what you can to keep things in good working order. A lot of issues and van trouble can be pre-empted by a bit of home maintenance and regular checks to keep things ticking over. 

Get in the habit of walking round your van each day before you set off to give it a quick check over. Are your lights working? Are your tyres all looking okay? Check the tyre pressures weekly, while you’re at it.  Are all your doors secure and your fuel cap tight?

We spoke about van security last week, but it’s important to keep an eye on any doors or windows which could do with some extra security. Always try and park it somewhere that you can see it. 

Regular services are a must. At least once every 10,000 miles is necessary. Make sure you keep everything safe, secure and road-worthy, especially as the weather is getting worse – and make sure you have breakdown recovery, just in case you need it – this weather is not the time to be broken down in the middle of nowhere with no help at hand. 

And of course, make sure your van insurance policy is up to the job. Goes without saying, really.

We’ll talk more about the lockdown and what it means for van drivers next week, but in the meantime, stay safe. 

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