How Safe is Your Van?

News this week for van drivers to lose sleep over is a report that theft from vans is costing van drivers a whopping £264 million a year. A study commissioned by van insurance company Honcho, reports that each van break in costs tradespeople a massive £5,584 a time. 

Theft from vans occur in the UK once every 23 minutes. While some insurance companies are on top of this and help out by offering 24-hour replacement services for items stolen, so that van drivers and tradespeople can get back to work, pronto, many don’t and still take their own sweet time sorting out a payout while you watch the work slipping away. It can, on average, put a tradesperson out of work for around an entire month.

If you’re a sparky or a plumber and you see your van being broken into, the average loss from a theft would take two months wages to replace all the lost items. 

Yet still, 89% of you are not fully covered for loss of goods as a result of a thefy, and 84% of you don’t have a courtesy van on your van insurance policy. 

This makes the need for ensuring your in-vehicle security is as good as can be, with lockable storage and additional locks on entryways. 

If you don’t have the added extras you may need if you become another one of those unlucky victims of van theft, it might be worth checking out what a new van insurance policy can do for you. 

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