Car Calamities and Doggy Disasters

So, we’ve spent the past few weeks here warning you about the uptick of idiot drivers on the roads as lockdown eases (day 98 and counting), but it seems it’s not just the members of the great British public who are at it, you lot are having your own fair share of accidents too.

Let’s start in Lancashire, whose police force are currently without their drone unit, thanks to a red van driver who failed to stop and rammed into the police unit before making off. Thankfully he didn’t get far and has been arrested and is awaiting further action.

Meanwhile, a van driver up in Wakefield will be praying his van insurance is the best he could buy, after crashing into the back of a car which was awaiting roadside assistance on the M1. Except it wasn’t just any car. Oh no. The car in question was a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, which was just 20 minutes old, having just been collected by its new proud owner, before running into mechanical issues and was awaiting assistance. 


Who doesn’t like to take their dog to work? Especially now, given that social distancing in vans means there is more space for our four-legged friends to join us on our day to day adventures. Although with it comes a great responsibility, especially in hotter weather. If you are going to take your dog along, don’t do what a Wilshire van driver did, and leave his Springer Spaniel in the van with the windows closed for over an hour. Seeing the dog was in distress, luckily the police were on hand to break the van window and give the dog some much-needed water. The van driver however, on returning to his vehicle was less than impressed with the police, ‘not seeing a problem’ with leaving his dog in a hot van. Thankfully, this has earned him a referral to the RSPCA. 


It’s that simple. If they are coming to work with you, it’s your responsivity to make sure that they are well taken care of and not left unattended by you. Otherwise, you are likely going to be better leaving them at home.

One final thing – we expect an uptick in drink driving this weekend when people flood back to the pub, so if you are out, stay safe, and if you are going to the pub – don’t drink and drive, and don’t leave your dog in the van. It’s really not so hard.

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