Cutting costs – How to Save on Your Van Insurance

It’s been a rough few months for everyone. Even the most hardy of us have been affected one way or another by COVID-19, and van drivers haven’t been exempted. And with the threat of a recession looming, keeping costs down is crucial, especially those that could be cheaper. 

So, we thought that now would be a good time to take a look at ways that you could potentially trim back some costs on your driving expenses. Just the smallest tweak could save you some bucks, and right now, that’s got to be a good thing. 

1: Do you really need that big van?

Yes, it makes you feel like the man, out on the road, compared to all those amateurs in their Twingo’s and Kangoo’s, but they may be having the last laugh, if they are running close to capacity and you’re riding around with space in the back almost every day. Not only is a bigger van costing you more in fuel and van insurance, but you’ll be paying more insurance for it too. Now, there are of course, costs attached with selling one to replace with another, but if It’s time for a new van, it’s worth thinking about trading down for something a bit smaller if you have the capacity to do so. And you could even spend that money you save on a fancier model with a few more bells and whistles. Doing that may not save you money upfront, but you might end up with a comfier ride and lower fuel and insurance costs.

Are you secure?

Not that your missus might run off with her personal trainer, but your van security – is it up to scratch? A tracking device or security etching could also save you. Vans are a big target for thieves, and anything you can do to reduce the risk of yours getting nicked or help in it being recovered can reduce your annual premiums. Don’t forget where you park overnight, either. Leave it on the roadside outside your home, because it’s a pain to get into your driveway, and you could be paying extra. 

Can you pay your van insurance annually?

If you can afford to, it’s always cheaper. APR’s of around 30% are not uncommon if you’re opting for monthly van insurance payments, which can add a few hundred quid onto your policy cost if you’re paying monthly. If you do need to pay monthly, make sure any comparison quotes you get are all showing those costs so you can make an accurate decision on which one works out the cheapest.

Consider Telematics:

Ok, so if you’re a bit older and prone to the odd white van man manoeuvre, then maybe getting a black box fitted is a bad idea. And there’s the whole Big Brother aspect that nobody likes, but if you are new to van driving or maybe the other side – older and generally sensible, then adding a telematics device could save you a few quid on your insurance too. 

Get Fast, Competitive Van Insurance Quotes

But, if all these options seem like a bit of a pain and not really your thing, we have one thing you can do that will definitely save you not just a few quid, but a massive chunk of time too – when it comes to renewing your van insurance, don’t forget to fill out our quick quote form. We’ll get the best quotes delivered directly to you, without you having to put in the legwork to getting you the best deal possible.

And who isn’t for the easy life, especially when times are tough?

Safe driving!

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