Need a New Van? Sit Back and Wait

So, instead of all the doom and gloom you read elsewhere, you know we always try to do our bit here at CVI where we can to keep you van drivers smiling. 

And there is potentially some good news on the horizon. We suspect that if you are in the market for a new van, the end of this year could see some absolute bargains to be had.

Reports show that new car and fleet sales were down in April by a massive 97 per cent, the lowest level since 1947 for new vehicle sales in the UK. The Mercedes Sprinter was the best selling fleet vehicle in April, selling an underwhelming 814 vehicles, while the Ford Transit could only muster a disappointing 138 sales. A huge backlog of new vehicles is gathering in car parks and airfields up and down the country as dealerships wait to reopen. The date they are working to is June 1st, when, subject to health and safety legislation, they may once again start to do business. 

But that isn’t the time to go spending your money on a new motor. Analysts are forecasting some pent-up demand and so many dealerships will inevitably be busy with sales over the next few months to accommodate those who simply can’t wait for their new car or van. Slow your roll, there. Because once that rush of sales has happened, and even excluding the possibility of a second wave of coronavirus bringing everything to a grinding halt, there is going to be literal tumbleweed swirling between that backlog of used vehicles. Which means that there are going to be deals to be done, possibly the biggest we’ve seen in living memory, as manufacturers struggle to shift that stock that is just sitting around, depreciating by the day. 

Come September, we think you could be stumbling onto the deal of the decade if you’re in the market for a new van, especially if you’re open to one of the less popular models, such as an Iveco or Nissan. For once, it feels like the customers will be the winners, snapping up bargains as dealers focus on shifting volume sales at lower margins to be able to clear the decks before the new 2021 models are launched.

So sit back, give your current van a little bit of TLC to keep her going for now and wait and see what happens. We think if you’re buying a new van this year, you’ll be in for a treat. And don’t forget, your new van will need new insurance and, as always, even in times of corona, our 3-minute form can help bag you the sort of savings you’ll love, without having to hold out until later in the year.  

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