2020 – Are We There Yet?

So, delivery drivers are (somewhat) breathing a sigh of relief that Christmas is finally over and the last-minute deluge of everyone needing everything yesterday has almost abated. (Unless you’re still working like a dog delivering sale parcels here, there and everywhere). Hopefully, you’ve had a good few days off, will enjoy another this week before things start to resume an air of finally getting back to something approaching normality. 

Spare a moment for some reflection on the year you’ve had. Maybe you’ve got a new van, maybe 2020 is the year you’re going to. What lessons did you learn this year? How many parking fines, tickets and arguments with traffic wardens did you get into? If it’s single digit, you’re doing okay. If it’s more, maybe the new millennium will be the time for you to think about how you can redress the balance a little. 

How’s your health been? Sitting behind the wheel day after day isn’t the healthiest life, and the stress of being on the road doesn’t just wash over most people. Are there things you could do better or do you need to work some regular exercise into your routine? Or find a better way to blow off steam at the end of a working week than sinking a few pints in the pub. 

How about your driving? Did you have any near misses or scrapes and dings you could have avoided with a little more care and attention? Did your rush to be at your destination get the better of you sometimes and lead to silly mistakes you didn’t need to make?

Did you get any speeding fines or other points on your license this year? Could you have avoided them? If you did, no doubt you’re paying the price in terms of your van insurance premiums. If you already have a few convictions are you going to find yourself in a tough spot if you rack up any more this year? 

Did you neglect keeping on top of your servicing and van maintenance? Did a little problem become bigger as a result? Driving without up to date tax and insurance is just foolish and keeping your van on the road when it needs some TLC is equally irresponsible. 

Buying a new van? How will you finance it? Make sure you look into all the different options that are available before committing to whatever the dealership suggests. 

What will the next few years hold? Maybe you’re happy to just keep on trucking, but maybe you’re looking forward to working a new patch or changing what your day to day driving involves. If so, make some tangible goals you can work towards getting to where you want to be.

Wherever you’re going, and whatever you’re doing, just remember if you’re van insurance requirements are going to change, we’ve got your back. Just fill in our simple form for the best quotes for van insurance to be coming to you direct, leaving you free to worry about something else (possibly) far more interesting.

Van drivers, we salute you all and wish you a very happy new year.

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