Royal Mail Have 290 Of These “Strange” Vans

You look out the window and see the Royal Mail van pull up. Out jumps a postie in shorts, but something doesn’t quite seem right.

“That van looks and sounds a bit strange,” you say to yourself.

You go out the front door for a closer look, but still can’t put your finger on what “is different.”

“Hey Postie. Come here,” you shout, as the faithful postie runs around posting letters like a schoolboy in shorts.

“Hello sir, what can I help you with today?” says the postie.

“That van…What…is it…that…makes…it…different?” You ask, slightly puzzled.

“Why sir, the van you are referring to is…

An Electric Van!!” answers the postie.

“Ah it was one of those electric gizmos, is it? Flash in the pan if you ask me,” you say before turning around to walk back in the house.

“Just wait until they replace me with a robot,” the postie answers, before continuing with his round.

Do you know what though? This isn’t just a flash in the pan oh faithful readers of the CVI blog. Electric vans are here to stay and you will be seeing more and more electric Royal Mail vans over the coming years, oh dear readers.

That’s right. The Royal Mail have just taken delivery of 190 brand spanking new electric vans. All sparkling and with that new van smell inside.

This adds to the 100 electric vans they already have, giving them a grand total of 290 electric Royal Mail vans. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Pretty soon all Royal Mail Vans will be electric. You will see them cruising about the roads of our nation and pulling up outside your house.

And just like the postie in shorts predicted…it will soon be robots jumping out of the back of these electric vans and walking confidently towards your front door.

Knock Knock.

You Answer The Door.

“John Connor?” says the robot

“Yes,” you reply.

“I have a parcel for you,” the robot says while handing you the parcel and then doing a 180 and heading back to the self driving electric Royal Mail van.

“Thank you Mr Robot,” You shout as the robot walks off…”And I like your shorts!” You go on to add.

This oh faithful readers of the CVI blog is the future, you can be sure of that. Where everything is different, but still familiar.

Just like the CVI web site itself. We will always be familiar, but at some point we will have to change, just like the world around us.

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