“Are You Clucking With Me?” Said The Van Driver

“Is this is a clucking joke?” the van driver went on to add. “No it isn’t sir, and can you mind the language please, there are children here.”

“Oh just cluck off!” said the frustrated van driver as he turned on his engine and sped out of the KFC car park.

The van driver had been out to enjoy a KFC meal with dips. £5.70 was the exact price. “A change from ham sandwiches and pot noodles,” the van driver said.

Was it finger lickin good? No doubt it was, because as you are no doubt aware, KFC is the nations favourite…fast food chicken place.

Just like CVI is the nations favourite…cheap van insurance place. One of these days we should do a joint venture, especially since pot noodle never returned our call and those pesky meerkats seem to have the restaurant and pizza game under lock and key.

KFC could be the only avenue left for CVI to get into the fast food business…but once that partnership is in place then get ready for a chicken and cheap van insurance storm you have never seen before.

That was the plan anyway, until this recent story which seems to paint a different picture of KFC.

One of our very own white van men was sitting in his van in the KFC car park, enjoying his chicken and reading the CVI blog on his smartphone. When all of a sudden some jobsworth car park attendant swooped his van and slapped a £100 parking fine on his windscreen.

This led to our white van man to start “clucking” and as you can imagine there was a lot of rage, anger, and discontent.

Apparently the car park attendant slapped him with the fine for overstaying the 90 minute limit. Witnesses have confirmed the attendant was not dressed as a chicken.

“I’m not clucking paying it,” the van driver is thought to have said when asked about the fine.

This means the whole incident is now going to court, and if unsuccessful then the van driver will have to pay over £300 in costs.

The good news is that if he does lose then he could just visit the CVI 3 minute form and potentially save £300 on his van insurance.

“£300 to KFC…£300 saved on van insurance,” not a bad deal for the van driver I’m sure you will agree?

In defence of KFC it has come to light that the car park is not owned by them, which means they have nothing to do with the situation.

Does this means the partnership of KFC and Cheap Van Insurance is back on? It could be, and if so, then it would be clucking amazing.

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