Van Drivers – Save £300 a Year on Insurance With Telematics

A recent study found that only 5% of van drivers in the UK have a telematics insurance policy. It’s amazing when you think about it…really.

Amazing how? Well, that same study discovered that van drivers who do have telematics installed, save, on average, around £300 a year on their van insurance costs. Not exactly small change is it now, and it makes you wonder why so many people are ignoring the power of telematics.

Perhaps the word on the street is that telematics van insurance is something to be avoided? It could very well be.

I myself have heard a few traders and “white van men” speak of telematics as though it is some kind of big brother watching over your shoulder, ready to pounce on any mistake in your driving style and then dish out punishment.

Of course, if you drive like a maniac and regularly break the rules of the road then a telematics policy for your van probably isn’t the best idea, but then again, being on the road probably isn’t a good idea either.

However, as far as I can tell your average van man or woman are a decent lot who want to follow the rules and be safe drivers on UK roads. This is why I reckon telematics would benefit the vast majority of van owners…far more than 5% anyway.

So how do you get started with telematics van insurance anyway? The best way is to contact your current insurer and ask them about it, or even better, use a van comparison website to find out which companies are offering the best deals.

Once you’ve chosen a provider they will probably install a device in your van which runs 24/7 and starts recording every time you turn the key in the ignition. Don’t worry, it isn’t recording your conversations. This isn’t the FBI, it’s telematics.

All they are interested in is driving data such as how fast you accelerate, how harsh you brake, and if you obey the speed limits. What is really impressive is the fact that all of this data is then available to view in Apps where the driver is given a score or rating.

Some van insurance companies even reward their customers with more discounts and prizes each month if you really impress with your driving.

So the incentive is definitely there to be on your best behaviour…but will British van drivers actually take the bait, or will they continue to pay sky high insurance rates, year after year? In my opinion, it could be the latter.

Which is a shame really because with the average van insurance quote reaching £1500 for the first time this year, I think a lot of van drivers could do with a £300 discount.

When you combine telematics with the power of a van insurance comparison site, then the potential to save even more cash is right there for the taking.

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