Van Driver Surfs Internet While Driving

One thing every van driver should be doing is keeping both hands on the wheel and their complete focus on the road. Not surfing the internet.

Not every van owner seems to have got this memo however, as a lot of drivers whip out their smartphones and then start checking Facebook and posting selfies on Instagram.

Take the recent story of a man driving a white Ford transit van in Surrey, who caught the attention of Police sitting in an unmarked vehicle. Why did he catch their attention? Because he wasn’t watching the road, he was looking at his smartphone instead.

What really takes this story to the next level is the fact that once the Police started flashing their lights and telling him to pull over, he decided to try a getaway by speeding off.

This led to a short pursuit, but eventually the van driver came to his senses and decided that it wasn’t worth an appearance on Britain’s Most Wanted over looking at some websites on his phone.

We can only wonder what type of sites he was browsing when driving around the streets of Surrey…perhaps this website, Cheap Van Insurance? It definitely would make sense if he was after cheap quotes for his white Ford transit van, but it was obviously the wrong time to be doing it.

I would just like to take this opportunity to remind all van drivers that when it’s time to visit the nations favourite van insurance comparison website, make sure you do it when not driving your van.

The best place is while relaxing at home if you ask me, where you can put your feet up and then use your laptop or tablet to fill out the simple 3 minute form.

You could also park up your van and turn off the engine and then visit this website using your smartphone. Just make sure you are not on the road and driving because the Police are looking out for offenders, and they only need the smallest excuse to go after van drivers.

The punishment for this particular van driver from Surrey who was caught surfing the internet? £250 in fines and 6 points on his licence. Not exactly ideal is it, especially when you consider that another 6 points and he loses his licence.

Not only that, but the van insurance companies also take note of any points on your licence, and are less likely to give you cheaper quotes when it comes to time to compare.

I’m sure the van driver from Surrey is going to be careful in future and hopefully there won’t be a repeat performance.

This goes for all van drivers around the UK…don’t surf the internet while driving, even if it’s to visit Cheap Van Insurance to get a quote. Wait until you are off the road or back home, otherwise the Police are going to be after you.

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