Derbyshire Police to Focus on Van Break Ins

Police around the country do their best to stop van break ins, but in Derbyshire they are setting up a team to focus all their efforts on this problem.

This comes at a time when reports of criminal incidents involving vans has become a daily occurrence in Derbyshire, especially with trade vehicles that keep a lot of power tools in the vehicle overnight.

Specifically, the High Peak and Derbyshire Dales have become local areas where van break ins are happening just about every week, and this has led to the Police stepping in to take action.

“Despite our best efforts, theft from vans continues to be an issue in the High Peak and also Derbyshire Dales,” commented a spokesperson for the Police.

In my opinion this is definitely something the Police need to do something about, because if they don’t, then it is almost certain that many van drivers in Derbyshire will see their van insurance become more expensive.

We are already in a time where van insurance companies are finding any excuse to make it more expensive…why give them another one? Everybody wants to pay less, not more.

It’s not just the Police who need to take action though, the van owners should also be doing their bit. For example, if you own a van and leave tools stored in the back overnight, then criminals will notice. Don’t think you can get away with it or it won’t happen to you, the chances are it will.

This is why you should always take all tools out of the van at the end of a working day and store them somewhere safer…somewhere which is more difficult for thieves to get to.

The main reason why so many of these criminal gangs go after vans is because they are easy to break into. However, when you start storing tools in the garage or in your house then thieves will probably just move on.

Yes it does take a bit more time at the end of the day to take your tools out of the van, but it’s just one of those jobs that needs to be done.

Also, you might want to try making sure the van is always probably locked up before going into your house at night.

Many times, van owners simply forget to secure their doors. Not only that, but try and park your van off the street if possible, in a garage is ideal, but if it has to be on the street then park it in a well-lit area.

It won’t guarantee that your van is 100% safe from criminals, but it makes it a more challenging van to break in to and the chances are they will move onto another one.

If all van owners in the UK followed this simple advice then van break ins would become less of a problem, and more importantly, cheaper van insurance is something most people could find.

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