Pay-as-you-go Van Insurance set to Launch

Want to get van insurance on a vehicle that is driven infrequently? Well, you could soon have a very flexible pay-as-you-go option to save money.

That’s right. A car insurance broker named Cuuva are just about to launch a new type of insurance that is aimed at people who drive their cars on an infrequent basis.

Research shows that around 6 million cars in the UK only take to the road now and again, so as you can imagine, there is no doubt going to be a lot of demand for this type of policy.

This got me thinking though, surely there are also many van owners out there who only drive now and again? This is why I reckon pay-as-you-go van insurance could be something that we see launched by Cuuva or a different company pretty soon.

I guess it all depends how the pay-as-you-go car insurance performs, but if successful I’m sure we will be seeing a “van equivalent” as some point.

Of course, there is already similar types of insurance out there, with things like temporary van insurance being offered. However, many people have complained these kind of policies are way too expensive. Perhaps pay-as-you-go is the solution? It could just be.

Some experts have even commented that this type of insurance will revolutionise the sector, and could leave many customers saving up to 70% on what they are currently paying.

When you consider that the average van insurance policy is around £1500 and the average car insurance policy around £700, then there are many people around the country who are going to be interested in this news.

If you want to save money on van insurance the first thing I always recommend is to start with a comparison website. Never go directly to the insurance companies website for a quote because then you instantly lose your bargaining power.

Instead, get quotes from many different companies, and then you are in a better position to see what is out there, choose the cheapest price, and even haggle if you want to.

Some van insurance companies have no problem if you want to try and bargain with them, especially when you have a few different vans or commercial vehicles and want to get the best price possible.

It all begins with a comparison website though, but fortunately you only need to put in a few basic details. It should take around 3 minutes.

Back to pay-as-you-go insurance, and it seems that Cuuva also have an App available to download, which allows you to get a quick quote when you want to borrow a car from friends or family.

Will this work with van insurance? Yes it would in my opinion, especially when you consider the amount of times people need to quickly borrow a van but don’t want to become a named driver or take out complete van insurance.

Anyway, let’s wait to find out what happens with pay-as-you-go van insurance, although I’m sure we are going to be hearing more about it.

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