Average Van Insurance is £1,500…Drivers Outraged

Just when you thought driving a van couldn’t get anymore expensive it did in 2016, as new statistics show that van insurance is now, on average, £1,500.

Even worse is the fact that van insurance is now more or less double the price of car insurance, which not surprisingly has left many drivers outraged. Why should you be charged more just because you’re a van owner…this really isn’t on at all.

Research from a consumer intelligence company found that van insurance had an average price of £1,591 in October of this year, while for that very same month car insurance was only at an average of £788.

It’s even worse for younger van drivers, as the under 25 age bracket is regularly given insurance quotes that are just way too expensive, especially for people that are starting out in business and trying to get their first few customers.

The research shows that under 25’s have an average van insurance quote of £4,770, with many being quoted a lot more than this.

So what can you do to get cheaper van insurance quotes you might be wondering? This is something I get asked a lot, and my main answer is simple…get as many quotes as you can from different companies.

In the past this was quite time consuming of course, as you had to contact different van insurance companies and speak with each one directly.

Fortunately it’s much quicker now, as all you need to do is fill in one quick form and your information is instantly sent to the insurers, who then use their technology to give you a quote. You are then in a great position to choose the lowest quote possible. Hopefully lower than £1,500.

Another idea is to embrace things like telematics, where a van insurance company installs a device in your van which then analyses your driving style. They use this data in order to come up with a more accurate insurance quote, which might not be quite so expensive.

One thing we all know is that van insurance is a must for anyone that wants to be a law abiding citizen. Don’t risk driving your van without insurance, because if the Police catch you (it’s easy for them to do it) then not only could you face a big fine, but you might also lose your van and business…even your license.

Instead, take a few minutes to compare cheap van insurance quotes, and see how much you could save.

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