Argos Van Drivers Call Off Christmas Strike

It was all set to ruin Christmas as one of the nations favourite stores looked to be on the verge of a strike, but the van drivers have decided against it.

Initially, the delivery drivers and their representatives had voted to strike for 72 hours around the busiest time of the year in a dispute over pay. This would have left the store in complete chaos, with millions of orders that couldn’t be delivered.

The good news is that it now appears the strike is off, although the drivers and their representatives are still going to vote again on whether or not to accept the new pay offer from Argos. Experts have commented that the offer will be accepted soon and the van drivers will be on the road as usual.

Is that a good thing though? A recent video caught an Argos van driving on the wrong side of the road. I know they are in a rush to get their deliveries out, but they really should follow the traffic laws and have basic common sense in my opinion.

Maybe the Argos bosses might want to take out some extra van insurance over the next month just to make sure they are completely covered…that and some basic driver training it seems.

Whatever some might think about Argos delivery drivers and their driving skills, there is no doubt that many people will be glad to see them back on the road, getting those gifts out around the UK in time for Christmas and making sure no-one is left disappointed.

A spokesperson for Argos said, “we are pleased that both sides have resolved their issues and would like to reassure our customers that it’s business as usual this Christmas at Argos.”

Unfortunately, Argos are not the only company talking about striking this Christmas, because as you may have heard the Post Office are potentially going down this route.

Just to be clear, it’s not the Royal Mail and their hard working van drivers that are planning to strike, it’s actual post office workers who sort the mail and things like that.

From what I’ve been told, Royal Mail and the Post Office are two separate divisions, which means we can expect to see the millions of parcels get to their destinations on time because of those Royal Mail van drivers.

As for the Post Office strike? Let’s wait to see what happens there, although I think it’s possible we could see something similar like what happened at Argos, where the workers accept an offer from the company and then it is business as usual.

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