Finding cheap van insurance soon to be least of our problems


Everyone knows how hard it is to find cheap van insurance nowadays, but if the rumours are true it looks like that’s going to be the least of our problems soon!

In fact, I know this is going to sound absolutely mad but I swear I’m not trying to take the piss out of you: there are new fears amongst car insurance and van insurance providers that the development of driverless vehicles is going to completely destroy the insurance industry. That’s right, that new self-driving Google or GM-powered car is going to bankrupt insurance providers, based on, well, pure speculation really.

Insurers are declaring the sky is falling because regions in the UK like Milton Keynes are setting aside specialised roadways for testing driverless vehicles in the coming years. Apparently this is just the first domino to fall that will spell the end of motorists driving their own cars, as far as insurers are concerned – and this means human error will be taken out of the picture when it comes to calculating insurance premiums. No more will it matter if you’re a certain age or live in a particular postcode, as you won’t be doing the driving any more – and this apparently fills insurers with terrible fear that they’ll go out of business for lack of funds.

This is of course incredibly stupid. The idea that driverless cars are going to completely replace vehicles that require human interaction – and that it will happen overnight – is daft. You’re telling me the white van man is going to be replaced by a robotic lorry driver? Pull the other one!

Meanwhile, if you’re in the business of landscaping and you’ve already got a large van with a trailer that you motor about to different homes in order to trim the verge and cut the lawn, you might be shaking your head at this bit of unrelated news: a new EU ruling could end up making you responsible for keeping motor insurance on any ride-on mowers you might have.

This isn’t just limited to commercial landscapers and gardeners, either – apparently anyone who owns a ride-on mower to keep their garden looking nicely trimmed could have to take out a policy as well, even if the bloody thing never even does anything but barely kisses the pavement as you back it into your garage or garden shed. All because of a court case going on in Luxembourg right now involving some daft bastard who was driving his ride-on mower on a motorway and who ended up in an accident. Lucky us, eh?

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