Bad drivers: this is why we can’t have nice things

Van insurance news roundup: 7 days ending 4 April 2014:

While it sounds like something Captain Obvious would say, it’s true: bad drivers ruin things for the rest of us, especially when it comes to our car insurance.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a fleet of vehicles you’d like to insure with commercial van insurance or you’ve just got your one and only work vehicle that needs van insurance so you can motor about in safety – whatever you do and wherever you go, your insurance rates are likely to be through the roof. Why, you ask? Well it’s because the rest of the drivers on British motorways are absolute pillocks. Not only that but they’re genuinely surprised when their own rates go up, if you can believe that!

No, it’s not just me whinging about poor drivers on the roads – in fact there’s been more than one report that came out over the last week or so reinforcing the fact that all too many motorists are complete rubbish. One research study found a mind-boggling 10 per cent of British drivers don’t even get insurance at all before getting behind the wheel – an that this figure increased over last year by around 6 per cent!

Now I know I’m not the smartest bloke in the room but I’m pretty sure that driving without proper cover is just about the most thick thing you could do, considering that you’re running the risk of getting six points and as much as £300 in fixed penalties if you’re caught. Not only that but your insurance costs will rocket upwards if the authorities find you’re being stupid – and that says nothing to the massive costs the insurance industry has to absorb if you’re in any sort of road traffic accident. Can anyone guess what happens to everyone’s rates in that case? That’s right, they go up – and with some £400 million in costs created by uninsured motorists annually in the UK it’s no wonder driving is an expensive hobby.

Then there are the drivers that might bother to take out proper cover but then don’t pay the slightest attention whilst actually motoring about. Some more recently revealed research found an additional 10 per cent of British drivers are heavily distracted while running errands, doing things like missing turnings and other minor annoyances such as getting into horrific accidents.

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