Drivers fed up with road injuries, favour harsher penalties

A new survey from a personal and commercial van insurance provider recently found that UK drivers have little patience with those who cause road injuries that lead to severe injury, with an overwhelming number coming out in favour of much harsher penalties in such cases.

Motorists in the UK have enough to put up with, whether it be the rising cost of petrol or the near-constant increases to their insurance premiums, leading many to be completely unsympathetic to anyone who causes road traffic accidents that lead to lengthy stays in hospital. Pain and suffering aside, Brits simply can’t afford time away from work in order to recover from such serious accidents – at least not in the current economy – and with car and van insurance companies rising rates after even a no-fault accident, a single incident could have ruinous ramifications.

The insurance expert found that, out of every 20 respondents, an overwhelming 19 said that they would like to see plans for instituting a new driving offence pushed through by the government. The new rule would make dangerous driving that causes serious injury a crime, which would carry a much stronger penalty than dangerous driving, the current offence in such situations.

Dangerous driving is a severe crime, and does carry a severe penalty, yet does not address any physical injuries caused as a result of dangerous driving. However, the new law would change this, resulting in much higher and more serious penalties for offenders.

Industry experts say that in order for the enforcement of this new offence to be effective, there may be a need for increased police presence on the nation’s roadways.

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