Break out from the crowd – don’t auto-renew

It can be incredibly expensive to secure insurance for either your personal vehicle or the lorry or van you use for work, but you’re only making it worse if you follow the crowd and auto-renew your current insurer’s latest insurance quote, industry experts recently said.

However, up to 23 per cent of motorists in the UK do just that when it comes time to renew, and don’t even shop around for the best deals in an effort to save money on their personal or commercial van insurance, according to a recent survey. A large number of research respondents said that they felt it was too difficult and time-consuming to hunt down quotes from a car or van insurance provider, instead taking the path of least resistance and simply auto-renewing to save time.

Saving time is one thing, but saving money is another – especially in the current economy – and if you’re trading financial savings for ease of use, experts say you probably need to have your head examined. If you’re looking to save both time and money, industry insiders recommend you make use of a car insurance comparison website, as these sites provide the valuable service of acting as an aggregator of insurance quotes: put your personal details in once, and you’ll get several quotes back at once so you can compare them to one another as well as what you’re currently paying.

However, you need to keep aware of a few things if you do use a comparison site: no two policies are exactly alike. Even if they’re both offering ‘comprehensive’ cover, some insurers will provide different services, such as breakdown cover, as standard, so make sure you read all the fine print before signing on the dotted line.

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