Get off your mobiles behind the wheel – or else

Enough is enough, one van insurance provider has recently warned its customers – get off the bloody mobile phone while you’re behind the wheel if you don’t want your insurance premiums to go up.

Swinton Vans has had it with those caught being convicted of dialing and driving, announcing that commercial van insurance policy holders can see their premiums go up by as much as double in such an event.  One driver saw an even higher increase, with a 128 per cent price hike of nearly £1,500 on top of their already relatively high annual quote of £1,147.60.

Van drivers need to know what the consequences are for being caught driving with the mobile phone up to their ear, Swinton Vans says, warning that the law does not differentiate between big companies and small business owners such as electricians, gardeners, and plumbers – anyone found not pulling over to take a call or to send and receive emails or text messages will be dealt with in no uncertain terms.  In other words, pull over or you’re going to run the risk of that phone call or text message being a very expensive one indeed.

Swinton Van Insurance’s commercial vehicle manager, Phil Moss, remarked that you need to think twice about using a mobile phone behind the wheel, especially since for many van owner, their vehicle is their livelihood – and having to suddenly pay double your original insurance quote could do more than ruin your day; it could place your whole business in jeopardy.

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