Cut back on your costs to offset insurance increases

It’s common knowledge that the commercial van insurance market is currently in an abysmal state, but you can cut back on your costs in other areas in order to offset any insurance increase you may be labouring under, experts say.

Van insurance industry insiders have come forward with quite a few top tips on keeping your outgoings as low as possible in the current economy, which is incredibly important as  instability in the eurozone and fears of a double-tip recession at home begin to solidify.  Worse is that rampant fraud in the insurance sector – from criminals making spurious and outright false whiplash-related insurance claims – are driving premium prices to eye-watering levels.

The good news is that there are things you can to do counteract this sometimes disheartening and seemingly inexorable rise upwards.  First off, experts say that if you’re not using a comparison site to shop around for the best quotes, you’re missing out on what could be some very cost-effective deals – especially since insurers typically hold their best rates in reserve for new drivers as a way to remain competitive.

Comparison sites make it much easier than ever before to find the best price, as all you as a consumer need to do is to input the details of your business or your personal information once.  The comparison site will then query its panel of insurance partners, pulling a multitude of quotes for you to compare all at once and against one another, thus saving you massive amounts of time – and quite often leading to saving significant amounts of money as well.

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