Watch your manners: white van men voted most rude at wheel

All you van drivers out there better begin watching your manners, as a new survey has found that white van men were voted as the most rude when behind the wheel.

The survey recently found that white van men beat out every other driver on the road when it came to being belligerent buggers behind the wheel, even when it came to those who drove Saabs, Mercedes, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, or Porches.  At the other end of the spectrum, the most polite and courteous people on the road tended to drive Fords, while owners of Peugeots, Vauxhalls, Citroens, and Audis were also found to be much less likely to tailgate or to turn without indicating.

The study, which was commissioned by a major car insurance comparison website that also offers van insurance, found that whether it was refusing to indicate properly, speeding through changing traffic lights, or not letting people out at junctions, drivers notice this kind of dastardly behaviour.  The website’s insurance expert, Peter Harrison, said that most drivers associate motoring habits – both good and bad – with different makes of vehicle, so that if you drive one of the vehicles on the naughty list, you should go out of your way to not be such a rude bugger.

2,500 motorists were surveyed in the study, discovering that 75 per cent of white van drivers actually admitted to never indicating their turns.  The next-rudest car owners were actually much more polite, at only around 25 per cent for BMW owners and 20 per cent for people who drove a Lexus doing the same.

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